Bran muffins; coconut flour

I tried it with coconut flour instead of wheat flour. It wasn’t a disaster but it wasn’t anything to rave about either. The dough was very thick, as if I’d used half the milk. Perhaps I could do it again and use 1 1/2 cups of milk instead of 1 cup of milk. The finished muffins taste ok; not great, not terrible, but have a definite dryness to them. I’m thinking that it might be better to use 1/3 cup coconut flour and 1/3 cup some other flour; wheat or oat.

Next I want to try it and substitute 2/3 cup oat flour for the wheat flour, then after that substitute 2/3 cup barley flour for the wheat flour. And then brown rice flour, then spelt flour, then teff flour. I should also try it with 2/3 cup of whole grain rye flour. The bran overpowers everything so the results may not tell me much about how those flours work.

Rye sounds strange but most people think of caraway when they think of rye. When you make a bread or biscuits with rye and without the caraway it doesn’t taste at all like you’re probably thinking; plain rye has a sort of grassy flavor. Not bad, just different.

I’ll close out with a link to a coconut flour cake recipe I found; notice how many eggs she uses: Foolproof Coconut Flour Chocolate Cake (never mind all of the sugar and butter, although I liked her comment on the sugar, “I recommend the whole sugar” as if it really matters with all of the eggs, sugar, and butter that are in the recipe). I showed that recipe to a friend and their response was, “That’s not a cake, that’s an omelet!”


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