Corn rye bread rusks

These make nice Zwieback crackers for cheese or dips.

Make the corn rye bread. Allow to cool for an hour. The xanthan gum gives the bread a nice dense texture so that you can slice it thinly.

Slice thinly with a sharp serrated knife and spread on a cookie sheet and bake in a 200° F oven until dry, then raise the oven temperature to 300° F and brown for 5 minutes. When slicing the bread, let the sawing motion of the knife do the work; don’t press down on the knife and you’ll get better slices with less crumbling of the bread.

I’m using cookie cooling wire racks set on the oven racks with pieces of aluminum foil along the front and back folded up to make a barrier so that the crackers don’t slide off when I’m putting in and taking out the rack.

I need to re-bake them for a minimum of 20 minutes per side. I’m also not doing the browning stage.


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