Flavor ideas for Greek yogurt

I just finished the book The Flavor Thesaurus: A compendium of pairings, recipes and ideas for the creative cook by Niki Segnit. It was a fun and interesting read. She has 16 different groups for flavors; roasted, meaty, cheesy, earthy, mustardy, sulfurous, marine, brine & salt, green & grassy, spicy, woodland, fresh fruity, creamy fruity, citrusy, berry & bush, and floral fruity, and 99 different flavors, which I won’t list, and has descriptions of pairings between them, often with brief recipes from which the idea came from. She doesn’t give all possible or known combinations, but more than enough to give you lots of good ideas.

Percentages or ratios for the pairings aren’t given, they all come from existing recipes, foods, or beverages that you can buy. For example, the orange and vanilla comes from the ice cream bar that has orange sherbet around vanilla ice cream.

While reading it I made a list of pairings that might work for Greek yogurt, in no particular order: cinnamon & anise, cinnamon & almond, cinnamon & cardamom, cinnamon & clove, cinnamon & ginger, cinnamon & lime, cinnamon & orange, clove & ginger, almond & ginger, almond & lemon, almond & orange, almond & peach, cherry & almond, cherry & cinnamon, cherry & peach, cherry & vanilla, peach & orange, peach & vanilla, orange & anise, orange & clove, orange & coriander, orange & lemon, orange & lime, orange & vanilla, grapefruit & cinnamon, grapefruit & orange, lime & cinnamon, lime & ginger, lime & lemon, lime & orange, lemon & anise, lemon & coriander, lemon & ginger, ginger & cardamom, ginger & orange, ginger & vanilla, cardamom & coriander, cardamom & vanilla, raspberry & almond, vanilla & anise, vanilla & clove, vanilla & nutmeg, vanilla & peanut, vanilla & pineapple, vanilla & raspberry, peanut & cinnamon, anise & almond, anise & pineapple, and clove & peach.

I’ve never liked licorice so I’m not sure about the anise combinations. Maybe they’ll taste good with just a dash of anise.

I really love peanut butter and the peanut ones have gotten me thinking about trying some peanut butter in the yogurt. Yogurt is tart and tangy so I’m not sure how well it will work with peanut butter, if at all.

(Jump to my introductory Greek yogurt entry if you’re wondering what I’m doing.)


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