Anise and clove Greek yogurt, a work in progress

Well, it certainly doesn’t taste like anything I’ve ever tasted before. If someone were to give it to me and ask me how it tastes I could be polite and say that it tastes “exotic” but the word that I’d really be thinking of would be “weird.” In an effort to try and rescue it I’ve added 1/4 tsp coriander, another spice I haven’t tried yet. Perhaps the list of spices will end up being so long that I really will be able to call it Pfefferkuchen Greek yogurt.

It’s still in the tub. I’m slowly working my way through the allspice Greek yogurt which is still draining in the filters (not so much by now though) so the filters are still in use.

I’ve also discovered that using the electric hand mixer isn’t necessary; the big spoon does a fine job. The nice thing about the spices is that you can see the specks of them in the yogurt and can tell from them how well mixed it is.

(Jump to my introductory Greek yogurt entry if you’re wondering what I’m doing. You may also want to read my flavor ideas entry.)


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