Pressure cooker brown rice, phase 2

It definitely takes longer to cook when you don’t soak it. I put a cup of brown rice in the metal bowl and 1.5 cups of chicken stock. Cooked it on high for 17 minutes (15 minutes is what everyone says to do when it’s cooked directly in the pressure cooker) but it came out undercooked. I let the pressure release naturally. So back it went into the pot for another 3 minutes. Another natural release of the pressure and the rice was nicely done this time.

So I’m guessing that to do it in one shot it would take at least 20 minutes. The 2 natural pressure releases added some extra cooking time.

Even though it’s an extra step I like the idea of doing a pre-soak; it’s more “green” since it takes less time to cook, and perhaps there are fewer nutrients lost due to the shorter cooking time (and you’re cooking it in the soaking liquid). The mad scientist in me wonders how it would turn out if you soaked the rice over night, then put it in the freezer, then defrosted it and cooked it bain marie. It might break it down too much, which could be ok if you’re making rice gruel.


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