Tortilla chips; less oil, simplified

I think that the potato starch was muting the flavor of the corn so I’ve dropped it and I’m back to using only tapioca starch. I also discovered that I wasn’t using enough water and was adding more oil to make up for that so I just made a batch with 1 tablespoon of oil. The dough is resting. I’ll update as soon as I’ve made some chips with it.

I forgot to record the last experiment; I think it was with tapioca starch and arrowroot, and they also didn’t have the “Frito” flavor that one of the early batches had. It was too dry so I kneaded in some more water; that’s when I realized that it’s probably water the dough needs when it’s crumbly, not oil. The main advantage of the oil while making them is that it keeps them from sticking to the pasta machine’s rollers (although the chips get a nice flavor boost and mouth feel from the fat when they’re finished).


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