Miso tortilla chips verdict

Blah. Not great, not bad; nothing to write home about. The second half of the dough ball went into the kitchen garbage bucket; no need to bother baking the rest of it. It might work if I were to reduce the miso to one teaspoon and add something, dried onion, for example.

On the positive side for the day I got some Nigella1 seeds. They’re supposed to taste like onion. I’m not sure how much to use though. Maybe I’ll start with one or two tablespoons; two tablespoons is 1/8 of a cup.

Next up are tortilla chips made with flax seeds. It looks like the recipe starts with 1 part flax seeds and 3 parts water and let that soak overnight. That should result in a gooey glob. I put 0.25 cup of flax seeds in a bowl with 0.75 cup of water. We’ll see what it looks like in the morning.

Update: some of the miso tortilla chips were worse than the others. Later in the evening they seemed to get even more bitter. I still have hope for miso in tortilla chips though. I’m thinking that later on I may try again with just 1 teaspoon of miso.


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