Flax seed tortilla chips: weird dough

Before I went to bed I put the soaking flax seeds in the fridge. They had already started getting gooey. This morning they were completely gooey. It was if I’d put them in some egg whites. I stirred in a half teaspoon of salt and set them aside while I measured the masa harina and mixed in the oil. (It was corn oil I switched to, not peanut as I previously said. Corn oil seems more appropriate to me.) Then I dumped in the flax seed goo and let it mix.

Since the recipe calls for 2/3 cup of water and I’d used 3/4 cup to soak the flax seeds I was curious to see how the dough would look. At first it looked like it was going to need more water. But then, strangely, before I started adding more water, many of the flax seeds separated from the dough and stuck to the mixing bowl around the top. And the dough was in little balls; slightly larger than garbanzo beans. So I started adding more water but added it too quickly; something about the flax seed goo makes the dough slow to react and it ended up being too sticky so I had to add about 1.5 tablespoons of masa harina to bring it back. But it was still definitely much too sticky and I was getting worried that it wouldn’t be workable, but then I hit on the idea of adding another tablespoon of oil. Did that and let it mix for several minutes and it’s much better now.

It’s wrapped and resting and will get baked later today.


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