More tortilla chip experiments

The nigella seed chips came out ok. At least this time I didn’t put too much in. The flavor is interesting. By itself I don’t find it appealing; I think it needs something else.

Next I made a batch where I used powdered cascabel chiles1. My FoodMaxx sells them dried, whole, so I bought a package that had about six and ground them as well as I could, then sifted out big bits that didn’t get ground. I used 0.75 teaspoon. I also used 2 tablespoons of flax seed, which had been soaked. The chips had a nice brown color. Whatever hotness the cascabel chilis had disappeared; I don’t know if it was the baking or the flax seeds. They are low on the hotness scale, 3,000 SR (jalapenos, for example, are 2,500 – 8,000 SR).

This morning I threw caution to the wind; I’m thinking that the masa harina is adding too much flavor or altering the flavor of the added stuff (in those cases where I don’t mess up and add too much). I decided to make a batch with 0.5 teaspoon nigella seed and 0.25 teaspoon celery seed, both soaked and then ground a bit with the mortar and pestle. For the flour I used 0.5 cup of hasa marina and 0.5 cup of whole rye. First I sifted the rye and took out the chunky bits; it was called pumpernickel rye flour at the health food store.

I was also munching on an old batch that I’d made several days ago when I was using the pasta machine. They are a bit thicker than the tortilla press ones and I think I prefer that. So with this batch I’m going to do a fusion of those two techniques; use the digital scale and weigh the dough for a consistent size, probably about 10 grams, then roll them into little balls, them smash it down and put it through the pasta machine. They won’t be as nicely round as they are with the tortilla press but I can live with that.


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