Rye and celery seed don’t make the cut

I did this once before, I now remember belatedly. Rye accentuates the flavor of celery seed. I wish I’d left out the celery seed and just used the nigella seed.

The rye dough was also quite sticky, but that seems to be the norm. I used the pasta machine and was able to pull it off by using a dab of oil on my hands when rolling the dough. I used 12 grams per ball. I first rolled it into a ball, then started rolling it into a cylinder, then flattened that a bit and fed it sideways into the pasta machine’s rollers. They came out sort of round. They looked like crackers for the Flintstones; the rye and seeds gave them a very speckled appearance, and the dough’s color was gray. They looked like slices of granite.

I think I’m going to try a different flour next. Not sure which one though.


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