Fermented garlic and green onions

pickled garlic and green onions

I also added a teaspoon of hot pepper flakes. What’s the point if it’s not hot I say? Although I’m guessing that 1 teaspoon won’t be hot enough. But hopefully it will give it some bite and won’t mask the flavor of the garlic and green onions.

In The joy of pickling by Linda Ziedrich she has two different brining solutions; one is 2 1/2 tablespoons per quart of water, the other is 3 tablespoons per quart of water. I used the latter for this. With the 3 tablespoons version it takes longer to ferment, about 3 weeks, and should be more sour. I need to make a similar batch with the 2 1/2 tablespoon version of the brine to see how it compares. I’d need to make it in about 2 weeks since it takes about 1 week to ferment. Then they’d both be ready about the same time.

Some local grocery stores sell peeled garlic in a cottage cheese sized container (about 2 cups) for $3 to $4. Every time I see it I can’t resist buying one even though it’s hard for me to use that much garlic. But maybe this will be the ticket.

This Asian grocery store nearby sells a big bundle of chives, at least as big as your upper arm for very little; I think it was less than $3. I want to try fermenting that. They also had a big selection of fresh (and dried) mushrooms.


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