Rusks; whole wheat, bran, oats

In a word, very nice. The oats completely tone down the bitterness of the wheat bran.

In the first batch I foolishly used some baking soda, hoping it would give them some additional snap and it caused the bread to rise quite a bit. I’m doing another batch right now without the baking soda; it behaved itself and didn’t rise and is cooling.

But I’m beginning to think that since the food dehydrator does such a great job drying the rusks that using some baking powder, or baking soda, for leavening might not be a bad idea. The previous leavened batch has a nice crunch and aren’t overly tough to bite off and chew. Unlike the previous batch, which didn’t have any oats or baking soda and are quite tough. These are the ones prior to the batch with the added soaked spelt grains.

I’ve also decided that in order to get consistent slices and thinner slices I’m going to get the EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer. It’s a bit of a frivolous purchase but I can also use it to make beef jerky with my food dehydrator.


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