Verdict: rusks; sorghum, rye

The dough is in the oven baking. It turns out that 1 cup flour and 1 cup wheat bran is just the right amount to fit in one of these mini loaf pans I’m using. I think I got them at FoodMaxx. It says Essential Home on one end and on the other end it says 5.75 x 3 inches.

Later that night … the bread has been baked and cooled. It’s too late to slice and dry it in the dehydrator so it’s in the fridge getting cold and hard. I’ve sliced off a heel and tasted it and the onion flavor is completely missing. I would have thought it would be there at least just a little bit. Now I’m wondering what it would taste like if I hadn’t used any onion.

In any event it’s a nice dense loaf; a brick for thinly slicing. But it remains to be seen if after it’s dried it ends up being tough and hard to bite.

Next morning … the onion flavor has come back. Maybe I was eating something last night that confused my taste buds. I was eating some home made jerky which was rather salty. The slices are in the food dehydrator and almost done. My kitchen has a slight onion smell from them. I tried one and the onion taste isn’t pronounced so maybe I could add more onion next time, but it was warm from the food dehydrator so I need to wait until they’re cooled for the final verdict. And I won’t know how the texture of the rusks will turn out until they’ve cooled. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Later … the rusks aren’t entirely cool but I tried one and it’s quite nice. It’s slightly crumbly so it’s not too hard to chew. I should try it without any baking soda. The onion flavor is still not too strong, and perhaps a bit too weak. But overall I think they came out very well. Definitely nice for munching but they may be too crumbly for scooping up dip.

I’m going to make another batch without onion and without baking soda. A baseline sorghum and rye rusk.

Even later … the baseline sorghum and rye dough is resting. The onion crackers have fully cooled and they’re definitely too crumbly; one even broke while I was bagging them. So if the omission of the baking soda doesn’t help their texture I’ll try reducing the sorghum flour percentage; 1/3 sorghum flour and 2/3 rye flour, for example.


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