The price of spices

I bought some whole cumin seeds from the Indian section at FoodMaxx; 500 grams (17.6 ounces), $4.00. They were in a plastic bag so I put them in a quart Mason canning jar; they almost fill the jar. The jar is in the freezer.

Previously I’d bought one of the little plastic jars of McCormick cumin seed; the price was somewhere between $2 and $3 is my guess from looking at prices on the web. The jar was about 0.9 ounces; that’s how much their ground cumin weighs in the same size. I also found a 16 ounce (453 grams) jar of cumin seed from McCormick for $20.

Obviously instead of buying their spices I should buy McCormick’s stock.


2 Comments on “The price of spices”

  1. heathertwist says:

    It gets pretty ridiculous, for sure. I started buying spices at Penzy’s … they are really HIGH quality spices, but if you get a larger amount, they are rather cheap. The stuff at the grocery store on the shelves … is mostly junk. It’s very sad, but very little of it is edible by my family these days. For one thing, they don’t store the food properly. Mostly it is at room temp, while spices and nuts etc. should be either air/light protected, and/or kept cool.

    In the “ethnic” stores, they have a better supply of good ingredients. There the quality varies (a lot!). But you can get some great deals on some amazing foods.

    • Rusty Wright says:

      While I might prefer that some things on the shelf at the grocery store were refrigerated I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s junk. Whole seeds are quite durable and long lasting; mother nature did a good job there.

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